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Annual report 

Institute for Management Research 

Nijmegen School of Management

Dear colleague,

This is not the first annual report of the Institute for Management Research, but it is the first in a new format: easy to read and accessible to all. It shows that the IMR is making progress in many ways. The quality of publications is going up, as are the number of research applications and the number of successful defenses of dissertations. The IMR Doctoral School and the IMR Academy have become established parts of the IMR. And progress is made in building the IMR as an organisation. Challenges are ahead, particularly in view of the upcoming evaluation in 2019, to acquire and manage the resources needed to flourish as a research institute with a solid research profile. We look forward to taking on these challenges, together with the researchers of the IMR.

Prof. Sandra van Thiel

Director of the Institute for Management Research


Community activities


Within the IMR, researchers organised the annual Research Day, 4 conferences and 95 seminars to develop a research community, and to critically discuss research and research related issues, such as research data management and societal impact. Read more >>



Scientific publications: 259
Professional publications: 80
Dissertations: 21


Doctoral school


2017 meant 21 PhD defences and several PhD policy updates (new Training and Supervision Plan and yearly progress meeting forms, new PhD Curriculum guidelines, new Dissertation guidelines, check them all out here). Also, the IMR PhD Cohort Meetings drove our community building efforts forward. Read more >>

Research Data Management

research data management.png

This year the IMR appointed a data steward and developed a Research Data Management (RDM) policy. Read more >>

Societal impact/relevance

societal impact and relevance.png

In 2017, IMR researchers had an impact on the societal agenda through media appearance, contributions to public debates and lectures, through research conducted in acquired grants and published in peer reviewed journals. Also through membership of a variety of advisory bodies, IMR researchers contribute to governance and decision making. Read more >>


submitted and aquired grants.png

In 2017, IMR researchers submitted over 55 proposals to calls from funders like NWO, KNAW, and the EU. A total of 12 proposals was funded on topics like the governance arrangements to improve water quality, cycle high-ways networks, labour market participation of migrants and wage development in the EU. Read more >>

Awards and acknowledgements

awards and acknowledgements.png

Several prominent awards were received by IMR Researchers, such as royal honours, an appointment to the KHMW, and the Radboud Science Award 2017. Read more >>



For upcoming events see the IMR website. If you would like to see your event featured in the IMR agenda, please send the information to imrevents@fm.ru.nl.